If you are providing care and support for an adult family member, partner, friend or neighbour, you are a caregiver/carepartner.

You probably remember the day when someone close to you said, "I have Parkinson's disease." You may have learned that there is no cure for Parkinson's and that it comes with unpredictable physical and psychological changes. All of this may leave you wondering what it means to be a caregiver/carepartner.

We recognize the unique challenges facing people who care for a person with Parkinson's and we are here for you at every stage of the journey. Review of resources and find comfort though our one-on-one consultations and province-wide network of support groups.

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Caregiver vs. Carepartner

Caregiver is the traditional term used to describe an individual who is providing support and coordinating care for another person or persons. More recently, you may have heard the term carepartner used in place of, or interchangeably with, caregiver. The term carepartner was introduced to provide inclusion to, and in recognition of, family members and friends who are playing an active role in providing support to someone they know and care for. A carepartner is not usually the sole decision maker in terms of an individual’s care, but rather assists where necessary. As a result, the relationship is considered more of a partnership. Most often the term ‘carepartner’ is used during the earlier stages of a disease or ailment; however, its usage in place of caregiver is also based on personal preference.

The term caregiver has since evolved and may refer to: an individual who is a medical professional and/or is paid for their services; and/or an individual who is responsible for the bulk of decision making regarding the care of someone they know – most often as a disease or ailment has progressed to where decision-making is difficult.

When using either of these terms, the most important consideration is how the individual who is providing care wishes to be addressed and recognized.

Resources for Caregivers/Carepartners: