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Published Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019

As you may know from our recent announcement, Sinemet CR (Controlled Release) is being discontinued by the manufacturer and some dosages of Sinemet IR (Immediate Release or Regular) are in short supply.

While it is our understanding that the majority of people are using generic forms of levodopa, some individuals have reported that in switching from the brand name Sinemet to a generic form, they have not experienced the same symptom control. Although the active medical ingredient (levodopa) is the same in the brand name and generics, there has been some concern expressed that there may be problems with the 'fillers' that generic manufacturers are using.

In order to better understand the issue and communicate with BC PharmaCare, Health Canada, and/or drug manufacturers, we are seeking your feedback on the use of levodopa for treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Please only complete this survey if you are using Sinemet or a generic form of levodopa. Before submitting your feedback, please check your medication containers to determine if you are using the brand name Sinemet or a generic form of levodopa (e.g. Apo-Levocarb, Teva-Levocarb, Mint-Levocarb). Some people may report using the brand name Sinemet, but are often using a generic, and the differentiation is imperative for this survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


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