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Thawing Out: Exercises for Freezing

Freezing of gait can be one of the most frustrating motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease. It often leads to falls and injuries which can reduce mobility and quality of life. Some of the best strategies for managing and reducing freezing episodes is to train the feet to walk slower, improve weight-shifting, and stepping in more symmetrical patterns. Cues and cognitive strategies can also help to direct attention to walking.

Join us in this online exercise series, as Parkinson Society BC's own neuro physiotherapist, Shelly Yu, leads us through 4 weeks of targeted exercises to improve motor patterns. The class will start in a sitting position, and move to standing. Please note that there will not be an option to remain seated the entire class, due to the nature of exercises targeting the feet and walking. Participants may wish to have a loved one nearby to ensure their safety. Proper footwear is recommended.

Equipment required for this class includes two chairs to hold on to, and a physical target on the floor (eg. a taped line, a tissue box to step over, or two agility dots).

Registration for this series closes on Tuesday, October 13. 

Dates: Thursdays, October 15, 22, 29, & November 5
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm
Capacity: 500
Cost: Free


Please note: In the "Participant Information" section of this event registration form, you will be asked for your "Registration Type". The information collected here will provide a better understanding of the Parkinson's communities in which we serve, as well as improve our advocacy efforts on behalf of those living with Parkinson's disease. If you have any concerns with regard to the collection of this information, please contact us.

Important: Instructions on how to access the webinar will be sent in an email approximately 24 hours before the webinar's start time.

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