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Thank you for joining us at the Moving Forward, Together Conference in Richmond, BC on Saturday, June 3, 2017. We hope that you found the information presented by the speakers to be insightful and valuable. 

Motivational Speaker - Leslie Davidson [view video]

Plenary Session Resources

Plenary 1 - Beate Ritz - Genetics & Environment

Plenary 2 - Dr. Benzi Kluger - Apathy & Non-Motor Symptoms

Breakout Session #1 Resources

Sex & Parkinson's Disease - Dr. Laurel Paterson (Minoru A)

Pain - Dr. Daryl Wile (Minoru B)

Advanced Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease - Dr. Martin McKeown (Minoru C)

Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) - Elaine Book & Members of the Parkinson's Community (Minoru D)

Breakout Session #2 Resources

Medication Management - Dr. Claire Hinnell (Minoru A)

Cannabis Research - Dr. Benzi Kluger (Minoru B)

Autonomic Dysfunction - Dr. Christopher Mathias (Minoru C)

Carepartners - Elaine Book and Members of the Parkinson's Community (Minoru D)