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What I Wish People Knew - Banner

In Spring 2018, we asked attendees at Parkinson Society BC affiliated events to fill out 'What I wish people knew about Parkinson's' star cards. Listed below is a small sample of responses from individuals impacted by Parkinson's disease in BC: 

  • We are still the same people.
  • Not everyone shakes. Please be patient with people with mobility issues. 
  • Regular people, irregular condition.
  • How tiring it is to be a caregiver. 
  • Routine is my best friend.
  • It is not life threatening. 
  • PD is so much more than 'the shakes,' 'a tremor' or a 'movement disorder.' PD affects every aspect of my life, with motor and non-motor symptoms.  
  • It is an aggressive neurological disease with NO cure. I wish there was a cure. It can strike anyone. The disease does NOT define the person, it changes the person & we must work hard to minimize these changes through funding, education, exercise, medication, nutrition & an iron strong determination from family, friends and caregivers.