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With your donations, we’ve helped improve the lives of many individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease, including those whose stories are provided below.

Please consider giving to Parkinson Society BC, so we can continue to support the community.

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Jolyon Hallows
Jolyon Hallows was a caregiver for his wife Sandra, who lived twenty years with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson Society BC connected them with a support group and a wealth of resources that helped the couple navigate challenges that arose as a result of Parkinson’s.
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Garry Toop
Garry Toop has been given a new lease on life as a result of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Parkinson Society BC works alongside advocates like Garry, to address the key issues faced by the Parkinson’s community, including reducing waitlist times for DBS.
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Stephen & Melanie Reid
When Stephen, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2010, began experiencing communication issues, he and his wife Melanie attended one of Parkinson Society BC’s Communication & Swallow Workshops. Melanie explains, “This made a world of a difference in terms of improving our lives as well as boosting his confidence.”
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