Parkinson Society British Columbia will contribute $264,500 to the Parkinson Canada Research Program, and $249,292 to Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) to fund outstanding researchers over the course of their respective projects. 

Parkinson Society British Columbia funds the following research projects through the Parkinson Canada Research program:

  • Dr. Anish Kanungo: Determining the impact of a multi-disciplinary movement disorder clinic on health outcomes and health care spending in Parkinson's disease
  • Dr. Michele Matarazzo: Topographical analysis of the trajectory of dopaminergic degeneration in symptomatic and pre-manifest Parkinson's
  • Dr. Antonio Strafella: Imaging synaptic pruning in Parkinsonisms
  • Frédéric Calon: Clinicopathical investigations of the substantia nigra in Parkinson's disease
  • Jordan Follett: Retromer-dependent regulation of RNA trafficking in Parkinson's disease 

Parkinson Society British Columbia co-funds the following research projects with MSFHR:

  • Roger Ashmus: Development of Improved Substrates for Live Cell Imaging to Aid in Discovering New Glucocerebrosidase Therapeutic Agents
  • Dr. Christina Gros: Development of a method to determine the relationship between Parkinson's disease and the GCase enzyme
  • Kota Mizumoto: Genetic Dissection of Neuronal Pattern Formation