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In response to the global outbreak of COVID-19, Parkinson Society BC has been taking proactive measures to manage the potential for transmission. As such, we have made the decision to close our office. However, we are continuing to mail out Aware in Care kits until further notice. Contact us at info@parkinson.bc.ca to place your order. Slight shipping delays may be expected.

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 and changes to our services, please visit this PSBC web page. We thank you for your patience during this time.

Parkinson Society British Columbia (PSBC) is proud to partner with the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) to help people with Parkinson's disease get the best care possible during a hospital stay.

With more frequent visits and a high sensitivity to the timing and dosing of Parkinson's medications, people with Parkinson's face greater risks in the hospital. According to a recent study, three out of four people with Parkinson's disease do not receive their medications on time when staying in the hospital.  

Aware in Care 


The Aware in Care kit is designed to protect, prepare and empower people with Parkinson's and their carepartners before, during and after a hospital visit. Each kit includes tools and information to help plan for the next hospital stay -- whether it is a planned visit or an emergency. It includes:

Download our helpsheet to view the contents of the kit [download here].

Want to know how to use your new kit? Watch our video to learn how to use its contents effectively when in the hospital.

FREE Aware in Care kit for members of Parkinson Society British Columbia (just pay shipping & handling)! If you are a member of the Society, contact us for a discount code. 

Not a member or not renewed yet? Membership with the Society is only $25 per calendar year for your household. You’ll receive discounts off of education events, access to pro bono legal services, a free Aware in Care kit, a hard copy of our Viewpoints newsletter mailed to your residence and more! Help us strengthen the voice of Parkinson’s community. Join today!


You may also order or purchase an Aware in Care kit by contacting PSBC staff at 1-800-668-3330 or info@parkinson.bc.ca.