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Parkinson Society British Columbia (PSBC) aims to provide opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue a career involving Parkinson’s disease (PD) specific training through our Continuing Education Scholarship Program for Exercise Instructors & Healthcare Professionals. This scholarship was established to assist people who have a passion to gain PD specific training and bring these benefits to the BC PD community.

Scholarships are open to any professional interested in working with this population. The panel will choose applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting those with PD through long-term community engagement and programming. 

Three $500 Scholarships will be made available throughout the calendar year. 

The Scholarship Program is funded solely by Parkinson Society British Columbia and will be awarded with great discretion. Scholarships are awarded upon successful course completion.


  • Individuals holding a 2 to 4-year degree in health, exercise science, recreation or physical activity with 2 years of experience in the field
  • Certified Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Speech Language Pathologists,  Physiotherapists, Physiotherapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants
  • Ability to provide certification of qualifications upon request
  • Currently working with a Parkinson’s clientele

Selection criteria - to be considered, the applicant must submit/demonstrate the following: 

  • A written document outlining:
    • the applicant's rationale for attending desired training
    • his/her plan to implement training skills in their community and surrounding communities
    • his/her interest in and involvement with Parkinson’s community
  • Provide two reference letters – one being from a person with Parkinson’s (PwP)
  • Special consideration given to applicants living in communities with limited community resources for people with Parkinson’s
  • Applicant agrees to provide classes on a sliding scale basis for individuals needing financial assistance
  • Applicant agrees to include PSBC’s logo on marketing materials

To submit an application or for further information, please contact Caroline Wiggins, one of our Programs & Services Co-Manager, at cwiggins@parkinson.bc.ca or 1.800.668.3330.