Intimacy with Parkinson's

Dates: Tuesday, April 16
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm PT
Fee: Free

Approximately half of all men and women with Parkinson’s disease will experience challenges with intimacy and sexual functioning. These symptoms can be difficult to talk about but are important to address. Join Elaine Book, social worker at the Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre, and Tricia Wallace, clinical counsellor at Parkinson Society BC, for a vital discussion on intimacy and sexual functioning in Parkinson’s disease. Delve into the challenges and explore strategies to address emotional and physical barriers. Couples are encouraged to participate together, as the webinar focuses on relationship dynamics and communication.

Registration is required for all participants, with the option to remain anonymous during the presentation.

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Please note: These sessions are designed to provide general education and are not intended for individual advice and/or clinical care. Please note that any Q&A sessions that take place will not be recorded.