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PD Connect is a program providing healthcare professionals with the tools to refer people with Parkinson's, and their carepartners/caregivers, to support services available through Parkinson Society British Columbia. This referral can be made at the point of diagnosis, or at any time during the disease's progression.

The intent of this program is to bridge a gap in the healthcare system by providing programs and services to people affected by Parkinson's earlier in the progress of the disease. At Parkinson Society British Columbia, we believe these programs and services are what the community needs, wants and deserves.

If you are a healthcare professional, we encourage you to review the information provided below. Should you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals:

  • PD Connect - Detailed Information Sheet [download]
  • PD Connect - Summary Sheet [download]
  • PD Connect - Referral Form [download]
  • PD Connect - Referral Form (Fillable PDF) [download]

PD Connect is an initiative developed by Parkinson Society British Columbia.