by Debbie Hartley

Went to the doctor the other day

He made some notes and said, "prepare to sway"

My 10-year honeymoon is over now,

The slope is slippery; holy cow!

Freezing , swaying, blurry eyes

Each day offers another surprise.

This bossy,independent self

Refuses to be put on the shelf.

Calls for help were heard aloud

And the Mothership appeared as from a cloud.

We've got what you need, the speaker blared,

We can help so don't be scared!

Information and support is what I need,

"No problem" they said, just take our lead.

Webinars, help sheets, resources galore,

I stepped right through their magic door.

The journey is a challenge, that's for sure,

And so far there is no cure,

But with the Mothership in our zone,

I clearly know we're not alone.

During Covid, when Zoom was born

It saved the members from being forlorn,

"What the heck is Zoom?" some ask,

Not to worry ~ there's an App for that.

Some may wonder what I'm talking about,

Parkinson Society BC without a doubt.

Their support, compassion and dedication

Light the path with care and education.

We deeply appreciate the work they do,

With sincere gratitude, we say THANK YOU!