by Toni (Antoinette) Shapiro

I'm shaking and I'm stooped, I'm unsteady and I'm slow.
If you saw me coming, I bet that you would know
that Parkinson's has got me... because of what you see,
but I am still just Toni, take a look... indeed, it's me!

But there are other symptoms that most don't realize,
that Parkinson's affects the brain, the gut, the throat, the eyes.
There are lists and lists of hidden pains, some chronic and some not,
my body over regulates when I'm cold or when I'm hot.
My body also itches, and my skin and scalp will flake,
most nights I am not sleeping, and I lie in bed awake.
Sometimes I sweat profusely and sometimes I don't at all,
my blood pressure is erratic.... it can drop and I can fall.
The fatigue I trudge through daily, though I exercise each day,
my brain cells, they are dying, and keeps my memory at bay.
I am stiff and I am rigid, and I stutter when I speak,
my hands don't work, and I'm in pain, my body feels so weak.
Should I tell you other symptoms? Anxiety, and more?
And yes these are my symptoms now, I had much less before.
They call PD the snowflake cuz' not everyone's the same,
it's hard to know what's going on ... in my body and my brain.
Not all is lost, the research shows, but right now there is no cure,
new discoveries and meds, they help... they help us to endure.

I'm shaking and I'm stooped, I'm unsteady and I'm slow,
now when you see me coming there is so much more you'll know.