Parkinson Society British Columbia (PSBC) offers webinars for people with Parkinson’s, family members, and healthcare professionals. A webinar is an engaging online event where a speaker, or small group of speakers, deliver a presentation to a large audience who participate by actively listening, chatting with other attendees, and/or submitting questions. This allows for participants to attend events from the comfort of their own home or a location of their choice. 

PSBC also offers online support groups through our webinar platform. Online support groups provide an opportunity for individuals across the province to connect and support one another throughout their journey.

Where are my login instructions?

  1. You will recieve a confirmation email immediately after registering for the webinar. Ensure you add the event to your calendar so you don't forget, and save this confirmation email!

    Please note: For some webinars, you will not be sent any reminder emails after your confirmation email. In these cases, the following message will appear on both the registration page, and in your confirmation email: Please retain the email sent to you after you have registered for information on logging into ALL sessions. NO reminders will be sent. You may add the session information to your calendar by utilizing the links in the confirmation email.

  2. If you did not recieve your confirmation email, or are experiencing other techincal difficulties, please email (Be sure to check your junk mail folder.) 

How do I log in to the webinar?

  1. You will receive a confirmation email soon after registering in the webinar. The email will be sent to the same email address that was used when registering for the webinar.

  2. Retain this email & add the event to your calendar. For some webinars, you may not receieve any additional reminder emails, so it is important to keep your confirmation email and make a note of the event date and time.

  3. Follow the login link in the email, or copy and paste it into your web browser's address bar. This link will take you to the meeting on Zoom. The session should start automatically.

  4. Ensure your speakers are on. There will be no dial-in number for audio, so please ensure that your computer speakers are on, or that you are using headphones, to hear the presentation.

How do I know I am in the right place for the webinar?

When clicking on a login link (see "How do I log in to the webinar?" above), you will be taken to Zoom, where your meeting should launch automatically. If nothing prompts from your browser, you can click "download & run Zoom" to download the Zoom application and join the meeting, or "join from your browser" to access the meeting within your internet browser. Whether you are using the Zoom application on your computer, or accessing meetings through your browser, you do not need an account to participate.

If you are having issues accessing a webinar on Zoom, please contact us at, and our staff will be in touch to assist you. For faster support, please provide a phone number in your email.

Tips for the best webinar experience

  1. Close all other programs on your computer for the best experience.

  2. Ensure your speakers are enabled. You can toggle speaker and microphone settings by clicking the small arrow that appears beside the mute/unmute button on Zoom. 

  3. To raise your hand, click on "reactions" at the bottom of your screen. From there, you will see a "raise your hand" button. This will let the host know you would like to speak.

  4. Click microphone icon (bottom left icon) to enable your microphone and to speak.

  5. If you use your microphone during the presentation, be sure to turn down your speakers’ volume to avoid feedback.

What do I do if I have trouble logging into the webinar?

  1. Make sure you are signed into the Zoom account with which you registered, or logged out altogether before you click the “Join Session” link. 

  2. If the issue persists, clear your browser cache, and then click the “Join Session” button in the email again.

    How to clear your cache:

    If this fails to solve the problem, try another browser. Other browsers for download include:

If you are still experiencing issues after following the steps above, please screenshot the error message if possible, and note the event that it is occurring for. Please email the screenshots and a brief description of the issue to If the problem cannot be resolved in time, many of our events are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

What should I do if I don't hear sound?

  1. You will not hear any sound before your webinar session starts. Once the webinar has started, the host will do a sound check to make sure everyone can hear.

  2. Make sure your speakers are turned on or that you have plugged in headphones. If you are unable to hear audio from the presentation, it may be because you have your speakers on mute or the volume too low.

  3. Make sure that your speakers are enabled. You can toggle speaker and microphone settings by clicking the small arrow that appears beside the mute/unmute button on Zoom. 

What do I do if my video is lagging/skipping?

If your video is lagging/skipping during the webinar session, there could be multiple reasons for this.

  1. Close all other applications and programs on your devices when viewing the webinar. If you have other programs or applications open at the same time as viewing the webinar, this will slow the video stream.

  2. Watch from a device with a wired internet connection, if possible. This will ensure the fastest connection and best viewing experience.

  3. If you are on Wi-Fi, please try to place your device as close as possible to the internet router.

  4. Some internet/Wi-Fi is not going to be able to provide the high quality video results that you are looking for. Please keep in mind that we record majority of our webinars and they are available on our website after the webinar session. Past video and event presentations can be found here: Recordings.

Why do I hear an echo?

If you hear an echo, it's likely because you have more than one window open on your browser playing the webinar.

This means that you have entered the room multiple times, so the same webinar session is running in several browser tabs. Please check your browser to ensure that you have closed all the duplicate webinar tabs, but keep one open so you are still able to view the webinar.

Close all other applications and programs on your devices when viewing the webinar. If you have other programs or applications open at the same time as viewing the webinar, this will slow the video stream.

How do I chat and ask questions during the webinar?

Once you are in the webinar you will see a chat button at the bottom centre of your screen. Use this to access the chat box, which will come up as a small pop-up window that may be moved and resized.

Questions or comments may be asked throughout the presentation. Typically, the question and answer period is at the end of the session, but the host will make sure to review all the questions and do their best to get them all answered by the speaker.

I missed my webinar, where can I find the recording?

We record most of our presentations, except where there may be privacy concerns, such as with our support groups. If you were unable to attend the webinar session that you registered for, in most cases you'll be able to find a recording of it within a week of its completion on our website here: Video and Event Presentations.


Is your question not answered above? Please contact us in advance of the webinar if you are having issues by emailing As Parkinson Society BC staff are working from home, we do not have the ability to field technical calls during the live webinar. We appreciate your patience!