Looking for a little bit of inspiration? The following stories highlight just a few of the many dedicated individuals demonstrating courage and strength for the Parkinson's community of British Columbia. Their efforts to improve the lives of themselves and those around them are admirable.

  • Larry Gifford is a family man recently diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's disease. [more]
  • Forever Inked Tattoos is a small shop with a big heart. [more]
  • Michael Cheung (Tea Parky) is the son of a Person with Parkinson's (PwP) who has combined his business savvy with desire to help. [more]
  • Jolyon Hallows is a former carepartner whose wife, Sandra, lived with Parkinson's. [more]
  • Garry Toop is a Kelowna resident with Parkinson's who has undergone successful Deep Brain Stimulation and who advocates for expansion of the program across BC. [more]
  • Roy and Richel Amador are father and daughter. They both participated in Parkinson SuperWalk for the first time in 2017. [more]
  • Henny and Edie Bijdemast are mother and daughter. They have both experienced mental health challenges following Henny's Parkinson's diagnosis. [more
  • Marg de Grace inspired many along her journey with Parkinson's disease. Her lifelong friend, Lois Leslie, raised funds in her honour with a transcontinental bicycle ride, while her daughter, Kathleen Hepburn, produced a film based on her mother's PD. [more]
  • Carolyn Krahn, volunteer co-facilitator for a Parkinson's support group and Person with Parkinson's. [more]
  • Stefano Cataldi, UBC Researcher and PhD student. [more]
  • Megan Walker Straight, Professor, Professional Dancer, and Dance4PD Instructor. [more]
  • Carsten Nachtigal, Step by Step participant and Person with Parkinson's (PwP). [more]
  • Chelsea Rae-Arthur, Flight Attendant and top Parkinson SuperWalk fundraiser. [more]
  • Megan Keene, Sharon Tomczyk, Hugh Yardley, SongShine instructors. [more]
  • Lynda Bennett has been an active volunteer with PSBC for many years. She is a carepartner for her dad living with Parkinson's, and a support group facilitator. [more]
  • Richard Mayede is a PSBC Board member, who loves sharing his passion for sports and advocating for the Parkinson's community. Richard's work has been instrumental to the increase in deep brain stimulation surgeries in BC. [more]
  • Carole Taylor is a member of Good Vibrations, a support group in Kelowna for women with Parkinson's, and one of the most successful Parkinson SuperWalk teams in the province! [more]
  • Maureen and Jim discovered a new meaning of intimacy and connection. [more]
  • Susan Aronson found community and friendship as a support group facilitator. [more]
  • Karen Dellow thoughtfully shared her experience as a caregiver for her husband who had Parkinson's for over thirteen years. [more] 

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