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Having Parkinson’s does not mean you should sit down and stop being active. Actually the opposite is true. Exercise, which includes being active, stretching, practicing good posture and doing specific exercises, should be a key component of your daily life.

Parkinson Society British Columbia is proud to offer a number of exercise programs that may help in the management of Parkinson’s symptoms as well as improve well-being.

These programs include, but are not limited to:


In addition to providing programs and training for those affected by Parkinson’s, the Society actively seeks out exercise programs being offered in communities across British Columbia.

View a list of 3rd party exercise programs available across BC. 


PSBC refers people to programs that are held specifically for people with PD – we do not endorse specific trainers and/or fitness professionals. Any listing in the aforementioned documentation should not be considered an endorsement of the third-party event(s). As such, the Society cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of participation.

PSBC practices referring individuals to qualified health professionals with sufficient educational training. Health professionals such as a registered physiotherapist, can include exercises or interventions such as boxing that she or he as a health professional, judges are an advantage to her or his patients. These individuals have professional practice insurance and make judgements based on their professional training. 

We will not refer to programs by name which require appropriate credentials such as Parkinson Wellness Recovery! (PWR!), Rock Steady Boxing, Dance for PD or SongShine unless proof of credentials is provided to the Society.