by Kathy Lynn

COVID-19 was a gift to me.

Parkinsons has a list of symptoms and the variety present in any one
person varies. I always see it as a dart board with all the possible
symptoms around the edge. Then Mother Nature takes her dart, tosses
it, and randomly hits various symptoms. These symptoms become the
description of a particular persondisease.

One of the first things I learned about my disease was that at this
point in my journey, tremors are not prevalent. Lack of motivation and
fatigue on the other hand definitely are.

I have always been a busy person with work, family, friendsand
volunteer activities. 
Suddenly I had little interest in any of this. Then the
COVID-19 pandemic hit and Dr.Bonnie Henry, our provincial health
officer told us to stay at home, avoid groups and hunker down.
For me that was a gift. With my lack of motivation, these COVID-19
regulations were just perfect. I followed the orders and was happy
as a clam.

Then one day, about a year later I looked at myself in the mirror and
realized that this change was just not me. At the same time, our
support group was ready to start to have COVID-friendly meetings, but
we needed a new facilitator. So, when asked, I said yes.

My other volunteer activities had been pretty much on hold due
to the pandemic but were also starting to take place. I got busy with
what had been my usual commitments.

I found that when I was responsible for meetings, phone calls and
social events I could put aside (not always easily) my lack of
motivation and follow through. However, I did also learn that I had to
schedule myself differently. A morning meeting meant I was pretty
much bagged for the afternoon. Having my grandkids for a weekend
meant planning and preparing slowly but surely over the preceding

My Parkinsons requires some changes in how I stay motivated and
engaged but with planning I can care for myself and handle my