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Published Date: Monday, September 10, 2018

What happens When Life Gives You Parkinson's? That's the question that Larry Gifford is working to answer in a new podcast venture. Launching Wednesday, September 12, this series shares Gifford's journey as he comes to terms with the disease that affects over 100,000 Canadians. 

Gifford, 46, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in August 2017 after seven months of tests. Looking for answers about his life ahead, he sought Parkinson’s-focused podcasts and found few, clinical options. Gifford announced his diagnosis publicly on World Parkinson’s Day, and found many others also seeking stories of people to whom they can relate.

Each episode, Gifford and co-host Niki Reitmayer will examine the impact that a Parkinson’s diagnosis has on a person, a family, a friendship, a colleague, a company, and a community. Gifford shares the tears triggered by diagnosis, laughter brought on by unpredictable symptoms and nearly every emotion in between.

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s is hosted and produced by Larry Gifford and Niki Reitmayer. Subscribe to get every episode, available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Listen now.

 When Life Gives You Parkinson 's

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